Organize Your OKC Wardrobe in Clusters for Easy Outfits

Wardrobe Clustering: A Way to Organize Your Closet

Having a walk-in closet can be luxurious, but without organization it can be a nightmare. To get the most out of your closet, cluster organization can go the distance. These tips made for apartments in OKC with walk-in closets can be your guide to cluster organizing: Pick a color scheme and combine at least five pieces of clothing that would go … [Read more...]

5 Reasons to Add Plants Inside Your OKC Apartment

5 Benefits of Houseplants

There are many reasons to add plants to your life and your living quarters. We are going to share with you five reasons to add plants to your OKC apartment that will also help with your apartment decorating. Take a deep breath: Adding indoor plants to your life actually improves breathing. Plants release pure oxygen into the air while removing … [Read more...]

Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day at One of These Irish Pubs in Oklahoma City

McNeillie's OKC

Just because you find yourself in Oklahoma instead of Dublin this St. Patrick's Day, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy some authentic Irish food, drink and entertainment. If you're starting to feel the draw of the Emerald Isle, consider these two great bars and restaurants in OKC. James E. McNellies kicked off the OKC Irish pub tradition in 2004 and … [Read more...]

Dress Up for the Underground Monster Carnival in Oklahoma City

Underground Horror Fest

If you love being someone else for a day, then there are some events in Oklahoma City you should check out. You can be whoever you want and have a great time with family and friends at the Underground Monster Carnival. This is an old style themed carnival done up in convention form. There will be all kinds of wonderful things you can check … [Read more...]

Tips for Jogging Around Swatek Park During Winter in Oklahoma City

4 Cold-Weather Running Tips for Beginners

Our apartments in OKC near Swatek Park give you the perfect place to enjoy an invigorating winter run when you plot a course that takes you through the park. Whether you're gearing up for one of the 5K races or other running events coming to Oklahoma City this year, or you're just incorporating a brisk run into your regular fitness routine, make sure … [Read more...]

See the Epic Story of “Camelot” at Civic Center Music Hall

Camelot, the Musical

You work hard and need to get out every once in a while. Heading out of our community to see one of the events in Oklahoma City is a great way to have a unique experience that create memories and gives you much needed relaxation. Get tickets to see "Camelot" at the Civic Center Music Hall. You will love this amazing show that will thrill … [Read more...]

Window Shop at the Oklahoma City Collector Car Show and Auction

Leake Auction Company

Sometimes nothing can get your own motor revving than to check out the beauty and power of collector cars. That's why you should attend one of the most anticipated events in Oklahoma City this year for car, truck, and motorcycle enthusiasts. The Leake Auction Company is presenting the Oklahoma City Collector Car Show & Auction on Feb. 20 and … [Read more...]

Plan a Romantic Dinner by the Fireplace in Your OKC Apartment

Plan a Romantic Dinner by the Fireplace in Your OKC Apartment

Enjoying a dinner out can often be thoughtful, romantic, and expensive. Why not enjoy the great experience of a romantic meal with more privacy and intimacy and less of a cost with these tips for setting up a dinner by your fireplace? Sheet Tablecloth - Get the fancy white tablecloth look by using a white sheet topped with your favorite place … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Green Your Laundry Load in Oklahoma City


If you're trying to go green in the New Year, why not start now? There are simple ways for you to green your lifestyle every day, even when washing clothes. Here are five tips for a more eco-friendly laundry day: Unless you have some truly filthy clothes, wash your loads in cold water to preserve energy. Use concentrated detergents or those … [Read more...]

Hire Anew Carpet Cleaning to Remove Holiday Stains in OKC

Hire Anew Carpet Cleaning to Remove Holiday Stains in OKC

Spending time with family and friends during the holidays is always enjoyable, and the most common way people get together during the holiday season is by having social gatherings centered around a lavish meal. While the meal itself might be fabulous, some of it almost always ends up on the floor, and getting tough stains out of the carpet at your … [Read more...]

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Find a Career in the Oil Industry in This Big Energy State

Find a Career in the Oil Industry in This Big Energy State

History will have the final say about the nation’s recent economic downfall, but those living in Oklahoma hit bottom in 2010. The state lost 1.16 million jobs that year, but it has rebounded nicely, thanks to the natural gas and oil industry in Tulsa and the rest of the state. Roughly 25% of all Oklahoma jobs are tied to energy, and since 2010, … [Read more...]

Tulsa is Named One of the Top Places to Visit in the World

Tulsa is Named One of the Top Places to Visit in the World

An established standard for over a century when it comes to news, the New York Times has developed a reputation as a reliable source for travel suggestions. The Travel section has been doing this for years and recently published a list of 52 places to see in 2015. The list contains obvious places like Yellowstone National Park and Manhattan, faraway … [Read more...]

Showcase Your Property With New Landscape Lighting for Spring

Landscape Lighting Helps Apartment Marketing Burn into the Night

We thought it would be a good idea to shed some light on the apartment landscaping tips we utilize to make our communities feel safe, secure, and most importantly, comfortable for our residents. At the top of the list is the landscape lighting we have put in place to make navigating our communities after dark just a little bit easier for our … [Read more...]

How to Promote Community Events on Facebook

Facebook Like

Facebook has made community event planning considerably easier for apartment managers. From nights out on the town to picnics in the quad, it's a powerful tool that can boost community engagement with minimal effort. Planning events begins by asking residents what their interests are and the things they would like to do when they're not busy working … [Read more...]

Increase Resident Retention Just by Learning How to Listen

Improve the Resident Experience with the Art and Skill of Listening

Happy tenants make for awesome communities. At Case & Associates, we adhere to the following resident retention tips to provide the best customer experience in the country. It all boils down to communication and learning to listen more than we speak. From the tenant who is always complaining about minor issues, to the one who are just never happy, … [Read more...]